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Ramadhan's Tazkirah

Salam to all of you..^_^

today's entry is to share with all readers about a quick preparation guide for Ramadhan..I've read this article from Discover the beauty of islam and i think we should prepare something to ensure that our Ramadhan become so meaningful..:) ..we don't know what will be happen in the future..and might be this is the last Ramadhan for us..who knows, rite?...

What u have to do :

1. Start reading Quran daily.
2. Spend some time listening to recitations from the Quran.
3. Train yourself to wake up early for Salat al-Fajr.
4. Keep yourself in a state of Wudu' (Ablution) most of the time.
5. Evaluate yourself daily before going to bed.
6. Thank Allah for good deeds, and repent to Him for your mistakes and sins.
7. Start giving Sadaqah daily and make it as a habit.
8. Find time to pray extras, such as Nafals andTahajjud prayers.
9. Spend more time reading Islamic books especially the Quran, Hadith and Fiqh.
10. Find time to help others with your wisdom, knowledge and other talents.
11. Try to write articles on Islam for Muslims as well as for non-Muslims.
12. Associate with Muslim scholars or ulama and other pious people so, you may learn from them.
13. Train yourself to do good, render free service to others to seek the pleasure of Allah.

" Time is not money or gold; it is life itself and is limited . You must begin to appreciate every moment of your life and always strive to make the best use of it "

Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa
Happy Blessed Ramadhan

~credited to mr google and Iluvislam pages~


east said...

salam...huhu...dh jd pmbaca tegar iluvislam ler nie...bgus2...truskn mmbaca n kongsikan...agar menjadi manfaat kpd sume...amin...:D

N.N.M.H said...

East :

wasalam..yuppa, jom kte jadi pembaca setia iluvislam..:):)